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Percussion Carlos Kanno
Conga Megumu Saito
Timb Yoshihiko "MIZALITO" Miza
Drums Akira Jimbo
Bass Getao Takahashi
Piano Ken Morimura
Trumpet Shiro Sasaki
Masanori Suzuki
Sho Okumura
Keiji Matsushima
Trombone Hideaki Nakaji
Taisei Aoki
B.Trombone Kan Nishida
A.Sax Kazuhiko Kondo
Masahiro Fujioka
T.Sax Mantell Nonoda
B.Sax Dairo Miyamoto

In 1995, when Carlos Kanno announced that he was leaving Orquesta De La Luz, everyone knew that he wouldn’t be away from the music scene for very long. Rumors of the sensational Tropical Jazz All-Star Band which he put together for the 1994 Takasaki Music Festival, mostly with the members of Orquesta De La Luz had gotten around.

By May of 1995, Carlos' ambition of wanting to perform with the various talented jazz musicians was fulfilled. The musicians that came to form the Nettai Tropical Jazz Bigband was ready to make its debut. What started out as a group of musicians getting together for a good time ended up becoming a sensation following their performance at a club in Tokyo.

The Nettai Tropical Jazz Bigband in its second year had outgrown its capacity from clubs and moved on to performing at concert venues. This seventeen piece Latin jazz big band consists of a powerful horn section - four trumpets, three trombones, and four saxophones and an incredible rhythm section of drums, piano, bass and three awesome percussionists.

Salsa caught fire in Japan with Orquesta De La Luz in the 90'. La luz caused a sensation in Japan but as well as in New York and the Latin American communities throughout the world. Just as their foregoing colleagues, The Nettai Tropical Jazz Bigband is ready for the audiences of the world! Anyone who hears them will surely agree that this band is as hot as the Tropic!

1998 was a great year for The Nettai Tropical Jazz Bigband. In the United States, RMM became their record distributor and their first album was released on May 19th. The band’s 2nd album "Nettai Tropical Jazz Big Band 2 ~ September ~" was released by a major record label, Victor Entertainment in Japan on June 24th. The album sold more than 40,000 copies in a year..

In June of that year, the band went on a promotional tour to N.Y., and performed at the J.V.C Jazz Festival ( Bryant Park), Copacabana and S.O.B's. The tour was so successful and the band got a wonderful response from the people of New York which eventually led to offers to perform in the various jazz festivals throughout the world.

The following year, the band released their 3rd album "Nettai Tropical Jazz Bigband 3 ~ My favorite ~ in June. This album sold more than 30,000 copies in just a few months. The band’s second album "2 ~ September ~" was also released in July in the United States. That year, the band once again performed at the JVC Jazz Festival at Carnegie Hall (Latin Jazz Jam) as the opening act for Poncho Sanchez and Tito Puente. They brought down the house!!

From the year 2000 up until now, the band has released one album every year in Japan, and every one of them has had successful sales. They have had many television appearances as well. The Nettai Tropical Jazz Band can be said that they are one of the hottest bands in the fusion jazz scene in recent years. The band once again is looking for another chance to go out to the international music scene.

The band celebrated it’s 10th anniversary in 2005 and they released their 9th album “Mas Tropical” that consisted of many beautiful original compositions by the band members. The band also started conducting workshops and joint concerts with some of the junior and senior high school bands in the hopes of rearing the next generation of great musicians.

2006 the band set out on a new start by releasing their 10th album that consisted of numbers from Count Basie, Woody Harman, Glenn Miller, Cole Porter along with some great original tunes.

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